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Summary: Ratnapura Buddhist height 5' 6", Fair, Transportation (Im prasad loking good gl) Seek a bride
  Reference no: REF0000007198
  Date of birth: Friday, July 1, 1988
  Time of birth: N/A
  Sex: Male
  Martial status: UnMarried
  Religion: Buddhist
  Complexion: Fair
  Height: 5' 6"
  City: Rathnapure
District: Ratnapura
  Country of residence: Sri Lanka
  Caste: Gowi
    * Caste is not a barrier
  Believe astrology: Yes
Occupation and education
  Qualification: Masters
   More about qualification:
  Occupation: Transportation
  More about occupation:
  Created by: Self
  Contact name: Suganda
  Telephone no: Need Subscription
  Email: Need Subscription
  Expectation details:
  More information: