Step 1

Create new user account in eproposals will enable you to login to the system and use most of the rich functions. Click on "Create new account" button to start this process. Once you clicked on this button, system will ask some information like username, email, password, password recovery detail etc. System will validate all the provided information and create new eproposals account for you. It is recommend to login to the system when you are using functions like publish proposals, communicate to other proposal advertisements through the system, flag matching proposals and reply them later, profile management etc.

Step 2

It is free. You can publish your proposals without pay for us. To publish a proposal advertisement, you should have your own eProposals account as described in Step 1. Click on "Publish Proposals [FREE]" button and it will direct to the publish proposal screen which you have to enter your details. System will validate the provided information and once you completed the process, it will show your proposals advertisement in the home page of the web site.

Step 3

To view contact information of other published proposals, you have to get one-time subscription by following below steps shown in the images. Once you completed, user should login to the system by providing the username and password to show you the contact information of all the published proposals. If you use online payment gateway for the payment, it will update the system once you completed the process. But if you deposit cash to the Sampath bank, it will update manually once you email us the details.