Proposals Web Portal

Considering the importance of marriage as the most important event of life according to Sri Lankan culture and traditions, eProposals web portal gives a lot of emphasis on individual choices. eProposals get connected to the global Sri Lankan community and have a huge network to give its clients the most suitable and perfect choices as per their specifications. Click Here to access the web portal.

Publish Proposals

eProposals facilitates to publish all proposal advertisements free and allow to publish any number of them. It collects all important details relate to marriage proposals and keep them in secure manner. The website users can view the published advertisements and can be contacted if it matches with their expectations. The website will send an email notification and alert it to the relevant party.

View Proposals

eProposals users can view any proposal advertisement. If user need to contact to any matching advertisement, then only need to buy a lifetime subscription. Always advice to create your own user account, which will allow to use much sophisticated features like personal inbox, profile, and proposal management etc. Once user logged into the site, matching proposals can be flagged and allow to reply them later.

Personal Inbox

The User needs to logged into the website to use this feature. In here, user will have Received, Sent and Flagged folders. Received folder is containing all the details about who have already replied to his/her proposal advertisement. Sent folder is containing all the details, which user has replied to others advertisements. Flagged folder is containing all the advertisements which are set by user to reply later.

Advanced Search

To find most suitable proposals by matching user's expectations, eProposals provides Advanced Search facility. It contains much more filter options than in the normal serach such as acedamic, occupation, geographical, published date range etc. So it's avoid to go through each and every proposal advertisement to find the best match and direct to the main proposals display page with filter results.

Automated Notification

eProposals uses automated email notifications as the main communication channel to alert users with important information such as user registration, proposal submission, payment confirmation etc. Also it uses to keep communication beetween both parties during the process of marriage proposal execution, if the users are using eproposals Reply feature within the application.